Estimating a 2-PL Model in Julia (Part 2)

E-Step M-Step Estimating a 2-PL Model with EM in Julia Find \(\bar r_{jk}\) and \(\bar n_k\) Solve estimating equations Iterations Stopping criteria Benchmarking Remark \[ \newcommand{\bv}[1]{\boldsymbol{\mathbf{#1}}} \]

Estimating a 2-PL Model in Julia (Part 1)

Import Data Two-Parameter Logistic Model Estimation with mirt in R Marginal Maximum Likelihood (MML) Estimation Implement MML Estimation in Julia Import R data Compute marginal loglikelihood Optimization Benchmarking The semester is finally over, and for some reason, I wanted to consolidate my understanding of some psychometric models, perhaps because I’ll be teaching a graduate measurement class soon.

Using Julia to Find MLE for a Factor Model

Set Seed Generate Univarate Normal Data Generate Multivariate Normal Data I’ve been staying home for a bit more than a week now. While keep working on my research, I also think it may help fill my time by picking up some skills.